Videographer for Stuck in Vermont

I shoot and help edit weekly videos for the award-winning series Stuck in Vermont at Seven Days.

1st place award, AAN 2017 (primary photographer):

1st place award, NESNE 2017 (co-photographer, action scenes):


1st place award, NESNE 2017 (co-photographer, timelapse photographer):

Primary photographer:


More Stuck in Vermont primary and secondary photography:


An Instagram short testing some aerial (drone) photography:


Multimedia photography for Seven Days

Refugees blocked by ban finally arrive in America

When Trump signed the travel ban, these Bhutanese refugees had their flights to the U.S. canceled. On Saturday, they finally arrived in Burlington, Vermont, and were met by family and community.

Center for Investigative Reporting: Price of Sex

I shot on-location video and audio in the Czech Republic and Moldova for Mimi Chakarova‘s investigative multimedia series on sex trafficking. The multimedia series was developed into a film that won investigative and human rights awards. Click to view the multimedia stories on
Price of Sex



FRONTLINE/World: Egypt: Eyewitness to an Uprising

I photographed the Mahalla riots in Egypt in 2008, a precursor to the 2011 revolution. I was detained by security forces but managed to get most of my photos and audio out of the country safely and made this story for FRONTLINE/World. Many thanks to my Egyptian translator and friend, Mohammed Maree, who suffered three months in prison for helping me.